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3 Things Men Wished They Knew Before Buying A Wedding Ring

/3 Things Men Wished They Knew Before Buying A Wedding Ring
3 Things Men Wished They Knew Before Buying A Wedding Ring 2017-09-14T14:20:20+10:00

Grooms-to-be, please take some advice from our past customers about buying wedding rings.

1. Don’t Choose A Metal Based On Colour

While matching metals to your fiance’s ring might look good in a wedding day photo, it’s better to focus on the years that follow the wedding day, rather than the wedding itself. If you have an active lifestyle, buying a soft precious metal ring is like buying a Lamborghini to go off-roading. It’ll look good on the day you buy it, but won’t last an hour in the mud.


2. Don’t Leave It Until The Last Minute

We do a lot of express wedding bands to couples who forgot about his wedding ring until just days before the wedding. We’re glad to help, as speed is our speciality. However, to remove the last minute stress that you will feel taking care of his ring well before the day is a better option, plus it will give you the added chance to get the size and style perfect.

“Thank you for such great service we were amazed when our ring came within 2 days. Love the ring too. Thanks again”
Jenny j.

“Thank you men’s rings online, the rings were both amazing and made it just in time for our wedding. This was might fault as I left them till last minute. The ladies in the office helped out for next day delivery!! will definitely be shopping again.”

Stuart P.

3. Choose A Design That Works For Your Lifestyle

We have a lot of great looking unique rings, but all materials/metals wear differently. Just as soft metals like gold and silver scratch/bend easily, other materials like wood can’t take as much of a beating as something like titanium or tungsten. If you are prepared to look after your ring (take it off at the gym, while showering and at certain work situaitons) then you can buy which ever metal you like, but if you want to leave it on all of the time and you have rough hobbies/work, then consider buying a design that can cope.

“Love it staunch as. 5 stars! Real mans ring and proud to wear it for my lady”


“I received my ring a I received my ring a couple of months ago and couldn’t be happier with it; the ordering process was straightforward, I received it very quickly, and the product is as good as I hoped it would be. The price was very reasonable and the ring shows no signs of any wear or tear after the first couple of months. Many thanks!”



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