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30 Day Comfort Guarantee

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Comfort Matters

Many of the men who come to us for their wedding ring have never worn a ring before. One of the major concerns many of them have is that they find wearing a ring uncomfortable. This is why we have gone to great lengths to make what we think are the most comfortable rings you can buy.


There are 4 main factors that will determine whether or not a ring is comfortable:

  • The inner band (we curve ours to ensure the best possible comfort);
  • The outer band (rounded, step or tapered edge);
  • The width of the band (certain widths are better than others depending on the wearer);
  • The weight of the band (some prefer lightweight like titanium – others prefer a heavier feel like tungsten);

The Challenge

While we research and continue to innovate and make every design we have as comfortable as possible, the fact is, everyone is different, and will find different rings better than others.

The Solution

Here at Mens Rings Online, we offer something that no one else in Australia does – a 30 Day Comfort Guarantee. It applies to all of our titanium and tungsten rings (except for custom orders), and all we ask is that you wear the ring for 30 days. If you find that it is too uncomfortable, you can return it to us for a full refund, or exchange it for a ring that is more comfortable (our customer support team are standing by to help).

“Amazing Ring! – I bought this ring as a replacement wedding ring for his birthday and he loves it! The ring is so beautifully made and looks amazing!! Better than most I have seen in your walk in jewlers! He is very picky about wearing things, he doesn’t like the ‘feel’ of jewlery but this ring he says is really comfortable and has been wearing it all the time! Very happy with Mens Rings Online – fantastic service and an exceptional product.”

(Third-party verified review by Tegan K.)