Hate Wearing Rings

Hate Wearing Rings…?

For the many of men, putting on that wedding ring is no big deal, but if you have never worn a ring before, it can be uncomfortable. Here are a few ideas to help you deal with it!

1. Buy a lighter wedding ring. If the feel of the ring bothers you, then buy a ring you can’t feel! Titanium or zirconia ceramic are your best bets, as they are super light, but still very strong.

2. Buy a comfort fit band. Comfort fit wedding rings are curved on the inside. This may not sound all that helpful, but it makes the ring much more comfortable to wear, and also to take on or off. Once you’ve worn a comfort fit ring, it’s hard to go back!

3. Make sure you get the right size. Ring sizes vary very slightly, so it’s almost always possible to get an exact fit. Don’t settle for a ring that “almost” fits, and always make sure you can exchange the ring after purchase if necessary.

In the end, most men are used to the ring very soon after wearing it, but if you follow the above guidelines, you can maximise your chances of actually enjoying the ring.

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