How To Find The Perfect Wedding Ring

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Ring

Looking for the perfect wedding band can be fun, exciting and distressing, all at the same time! With so many other pressures surrounding the big day, it can be easy for the wedding bands to be pushed aside, so that other pressing issues can be taken care of. You have to remember though, once the big day has come and gone, the wedding bands will be the only things left that symbolise your commitment, which makes them the most important decision you have to make leading up to the wedding day.

This means that you really should consider the implications of what that means. If you buy a ring that is fashionable today, will it look out of date in ten years time? If you buy a band that looks great, but is a little bit uncomfortable, will that lack of comfort cause you to not want to wear it in a few years time? Just because the band looks beautiful  sparkling and polished in the jeweller’s display, doesn’t mean that it won’t look scratched, dented, and dull in 6 month’s time because you chose the wrong material for your lifestyle.

So now that we’ve made you even more confused about what you should and shouldn’t be on the lookout for, it would be wrong of us not to give some relevant advice, so that we can take some of the stress out of the decision for you. First of all, let’s address the question of fashion and design.

Wedding bands can be like tattoos. It may be “cool” to get the latest chunky design that you saw in a magazine, or worn by a celebrity at an awards show, but remember, you’re stuck with it for life, so save the fashion for your fashion jewellery draw. Going for classic, simple designs doesn’t mean you have to buy a boring ring, but it does mean that you will enjoy the ring for the rest of your life. Keep it simple is the motto here.

As for comfort, wedding bands (particularly wider bands) can be “comfort fit”. This simply means that the inside is rounded (convex) instead of flat. This makes the wedding band incredibly comfortable to wear, as well as easier to put on and take off. This is often overlooked in the wedding band purchasing process, but can make a massive difference in how comfortable your ring will be for decades to come.

Finally, which metal for you? While this can often be an emotional decision, spare a thought for the practicality of which metal you choose for the wedding bands. It is particularly important to choose the right metal for his wedding band, as he will destroy his ring a lot quicker than she will. There are many choices of metals these days, including super hard and super strong metals like titanium, and tungsten carbide, that will still look amazing, but be a lot more durable than gold, platinum or silver.

Whichever wedding band you choose, you must also realise that no band is perfect, and at the end of the day it is a symbol of something far more important. Your love for each other. Good luck, and have a wonderful day!

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