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The Right Ring In The Right Size

After selling over 10,000 rings to fellow Australians, we know that the #1 concern about buying a ring is getting the right size. Too large and it falls off, too tight and you might never get it off again!

The Solution

While our ring sizing guide gives you a printable ring sizer, or advises you to go to a jeweller to get sized, the truth is, neither or these are perfect solutions. Every ring is different, and sits differently on your finger. The way we see it here at Mens Rings Online, it just doesn’t matter if the first ring you buy is the wrong size.

Wait, So Size Doesn’t Matter?

Of course it does! But we include a free ring sizer with every order, and a free exchange*. This means that if you don’t get it right the first time, you can simply return it to us (easily, because we’re an Australian company based in Brisbane), and now that you have one of our ring sizers and can see the ring on your finger, getting it right the second time is far easier.

But I Want To get It Right First Time!

Who doesn’t? We can send you one of our ring sizers for free + shipping if you click here. Please note though, different styles can sit differently regardless of the size, so we still recommend getting the ring style you want, and exchanging it then if you need to.

What If I Gain Or Lose Weight?

If you gain weight…sorry. If you lose weight, great! But wait, we’re still talking about rings here. Over time, your ring size can actually change if you experience weight gain or loss, and your ring may not fit anymore. This is why we have Australia’s first Fit For Life policy*. For only $50, you can return your ring to us, and we’ll change it over for the same ring (or similar if that design is no longer available) in the size you need.

“Just wanted to drop you and the rest of the team a line to thank you. My “Fit for Life” exchange experience was excellent, your customer service and turn around time was amazing. My new ring fits perfectly and is just like the original. Thank you all so much, great job. Feel free to quote my comments to encourage people to use the Fit for Life program. A very happy camper.”

(Third-party verified review by Patrick)

If you have any questions about your size, exchanges, or Fit For Life, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

*Free Exchange and Fit For Life policies apply to our in-stock Titanium, Tungsten and Ceramic ranges only. For policies concerning custom rings and precious metal rings, please click here.

“I had to return a ring because of incorrect sizing and had no issues at all with the process. It was an effective site and extremely fast delivery once order was placed.”

(Third-party verified review by Trent N.)


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