Looking for your perfect mens wedding ring? We have everything you could possibly need, but if you find our range of mens wedding bands overwhelming, feel free to contact us for advice! We have an experienced mens fashion stylist that can help. She suggests you start with our top 3 (they are popular for a reason) and pick one that suits your lifestyle. Mr Peace, Mr. Reliable, Mr Challenger. If you are looking for a custom made gold or platinum wedding ring we can also help!

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Not Sure Where To Start? Tess' Guide to Buying Your Men's Wedding Band.

I totally get it. For most men, the wedding ring is not only the first ring they have ever worn, it can also be something on your wedding day “to-do-list” that gets put off again and again until it’s almost too late.

If this is you, don’t stress, we have done a lot of “emergency wedding bands” over the years and are happy to work with you and whatever timeframe you have left. Once I even had to jump in my car to drive to a customer’s house because there was no way Australia Post was going to get it to them in time for the wedding!

Whether you’ve left it until the last minute, or you’re ahead of the game, the first place to start is sizing. If you do have a bit of time to spare, then I highly recommend grabbing our totally free ring sizer that we will ship directly to your door so that you can measure yourself up quickly and accurately.

If you’re wedding is in a few days, don’t worry. We include a free ring sizer with every order (over $50) so that if you guess incorrectly, you’ll still have a ring for the wedding day that you can then exchange using our free exchange policy after the wedding (for modern metals), or you can have your ring resized later if you have a precious metal band.

Your next challenge is to figure out who to buy from and what metal might suit you and your lifestyle the best.

Now as a co-founder of MRO, I could be a little biased I admit, but let me make my case as to why you should buy your wedding ring from us.

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Why Buy Your Wedding Ring from Us?

I am very passionate about MRO. Not just because I have dedicated such a large part of my life to it, but because I genuinely believe that we have the best range, the best quality, and the best service around. We want everyone to have a greatexperience and get the wedding ring that will work best for them. For 17 amazing years, we have been Australia’s “go-to” wedding band store, selling over 10,000 rings to our customers in that time.

We really do have a top-tier customer support crew and we have unbeatable exchange policies. Our commitment to ensuring you have the perfect wedding ring is second to none, and even if the initial ring isn’t exactly what you desired, we are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get what you want and need.

Proudly Australian? You bet! Every gleam and glint in our gold mens wedding rings tell a tale of Aussie craftsmanship, using 100% Australian gold.

We say ‘Australian’ a lot, because we are proud of it. There aren’t many Aussie born and bred men’s rings companies around any more, but we’re still standing!

We have a wide selection of tungsten and titanium mens wedding rings in stock, available for fast delivery. Our modern metal mens wedding rings are the most popular for a reason.

Super hardy (which is great for a mens wedding ring), budget friendly without being “cheap”, and ready for instant delivery. Very easy to exchange for a different size or style if needed, thanks to our great exchange policies.

But, if you really want the low-down on why we’re the MVP in mens wedding rings? It’s all in the words of our 3000+ reviewers. Dive in and see why MRO shines the brightest.

What is the Best Metal for a Men’s Wedding Ring?

In the world of men’s wedding rings, variety is the spice of life. But sometimes, too much variety can make your decision more challenging. Let’s simplify it for you:

Men’s Gold Wedding Bands

Evergreen, dazzling, and always in style. They’re like that timeless leather jacket in your wardrobe. Sure, they might be a tad soft and have the occasional mood swings (tarnishing & scratching), but that value?

Oh boy! The only hitch? It’s kind of like dating someone way out of your league… pricey! You can find our gold mens rings here.

Titanium Men’s Wedding Bands

Light as a feather, but tough as nails. Think of them as the marathon runners of metals. Stronger than Gold or Silver against scratches, but so light that you might think you’re not wearing anything on your finger! You can browse our titanium rings here.

Note: I and my husband chose titanium wedding bands, as they are so light on our fingers you barely notice that they are there, yet are still very strong.

Tungsten Male Wedding Bands

Like the rockstars of the ring world. They’re hard, heavy, and oozing cool vibes. They’re almost like the bodyguards for your finger, virtually immune to scratches.

Remember, avoid throwing them from rooftops; they can still get damaged because they have feelings, even though they are strong. You can find our tungsten rings here.

Personal Story: While we do not recommend trying to damage your tungsten wedding ring, we have had a lot of fun over the years seeing what we can get away with. Throwing them of fifth storey rooftops, driving over the in 4WDs, and seeing how many weights we can stack on top of them in the gym! I can tell you from personal experience, that these bad boys are tough!

Silicone Men’s Wedding Rings

The undercover heroes. Perfect for gym buffs or those whose hands do more than just swiping and clicking. Budget-friendly, durable, and a must-have in every dude’s collection.

And hey, who can resist those snazzy colours? Because they are gender neutral, you can also use silicone rings as wedding set rings. Often people mistake silicone wedding rings as rubber weddings rings for men, but they are in fact silicone. Browse our silicone rings here.

Note: We are big fans of silicone rings, but on a personal note, as a wife, I can tell you that they are best as a backup ring, not your primary wedding ring. The ring your wife puts on your finger on the big day will carry great sentimental value, andboys, best to get something that will last a lifetime.

It doesn’t have to be gold, but at least stretch up to a titanium or tungsten wedding band. Come on now, don’t be cheap. My husband has his main metal wedding ring as a special occasion ring, and a silicone wedding ring as his every day ring.

Unique Mens Wedding Rings

After selecting your metal (or if metal doesn’t matter), the next step is to choose your design and colors. Black men’s wedding rings are trendy now because they stand out and have gained popularity in recent years. A very bold choice.

Wooden wedding rings are also a unique choice, while mens silver wedding bands are a bit more classic in nature. Men can choose a stylish two-tone wedding band with black and gold. This option is popular among men for their wedding rings.


In the realm of wedding rings, the choices are as diverse as the love stories they symbolize. Choose from gold, titanium, tungsten, or silicone for your wedding band. It will symbolize your commitment and be treasured. Explore our extensive range, and find the perfect ring that speaks to your style and love story.

Whether you choose us or not, from us and the MRO Team, have a great day!

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