Tips For Buying Wedding Bands For Men

Tips For Buying Wedding Bands For Men

Your occupation and recreational activities will effect the life of your ring and should be considered when buying your wedding band. Everyday activities can change the shape, colour and ultimately the life of what should be a long lasting special band. Chlorine, salt, detergents, chemicals all change how your band will look, from rusting to striping the shine out of a polished band!

Everyday Life Style Tips

Electrical and Mechanical:

Most men will not wear a ring if working in this industry due to the hazard, but sometimes you forget to take it off! Men’s Wedding Rings HQ recommends a ceramic wedding band. The main reason is that ceramic rings are non-conductive as they have no metal component.


Soft metal rings will be destroyed within minutes of being worn on a construction site. Tungsten is a scratch proof metal that will withstand just about anything a tradesman can put it through (their are some minor exceptions such as fine sandpaper). You can buy tungsten as a highly polished finished or a brushed finish.

Information Technology:

Men working on a computer all day often find titanium the best choice as a wedding band. It is super light weight and industrial in strength. It will not warp or bend out of shape and it is highly scratch resistant. Couple the lightweight element with our comfort fit design and our titanium rings are very comfortable and practical.

Sport and Fitness:

Titanium again is a fantastic option as a wedding band for men because of the light weight properties. What also makes titanium perfect for men in the sporting and fitness industry is that titanium rings do not react with chlorine, salt water, sweat, detergents and chemicals. Titanium is also highly scratch resistant.

Is your profession not mentioned? Check out our chart that compares most available metals and work out what might be best for you?

Really wanted a dress ring? Really wanted it to match your soon to be wife’s ring? Why not buy two? We specialise in everyday metals making sure your ring will last a lifetime, like your vowels but if you really want a softer metal such as gold, silver or platinum than why not buy an affordable everyday wedding band that you can wear to work, the gym or while out in the garden. Our modern metals make a perfect second wedding band for men. You can keep your ‘dress’ ring for special occasions, when you know it is unlikely to get scratched or bent.

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