Titanium Ring Of The Week – Will’s Wedding

I was privileged this week to have one of our customers, Will, email me a wedding picture from their ring ceremony that features our ITR-063 titanium wedding band.


Will, like most of our husbands to be, left his ring to the last minute and ended up selecting two of our designs to try on before settling with the 7mm wide titanium ring which has a brushed finish center band and a polished thin step edge.


This design also features our comfort fit inner band that tappers to the natural curve of your finger making it a comfortable and snug fit.

Titanium is the best choice for any husband to be that hates the idea of wearing a ring thanks to the lightweight element. A lot of people understand that titanium is exceptionally light but are always shocked when they actually pick up a design and can feel just how light they are.

The two finishes of this wide design provides a unique spin on a classic look. The brushed finish sits subtle against the polished edges which capture and reflect the light.

Titanium rings are also the perfect choice for those that are worried about bending and warping or need to replace a gold band that has already warped. Our titanium is guaranteed to maintain it’s original shape. It will not chip, bend, warp or squash. In fact, it can be a finger saver! We had a gentleman visit a pop up store once that featured our titanium collection and he proceeded to tell us a story about when he was working once and a metal cabinet fell onto his hand {ouch}. The titanium band actually held the weight of the cabinet and when the cabinet was lifted his ring was fine and so was his hand. This is a real life customers true story although we highly recommend you do not give it a go! I have to mention that as we did have a customer take an angle grinder to a tungsten ring to prove it would not scratch!

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