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Titanium Wedding Rings

If you’re getting married, it’s not at all unusual for both the bride and groom to leave his wedding ring until the last moment. This is often because it’s her engagement and wedding rings that steal the show in the lead up to the engagement and wedding, and often the poor groom’s wedding band is a bit forgotten. It is worthwhile spending a bit of time doing some research before the day approaches though, as there are often more options for his wedding band out there than there are for hers.

titanium ring

This is due to the fact that men have a habit of wrecking soft metal wedding rings like gold and silver due to the often different nature of their employment, sporting activities and hobbies. Because of this, wedding rings are now available in several harder wearing modern materials like tungsten carbide, ceramic and titanium.

Benefits Of A Titanium Ring

While titanium is much stronger than gold or silver, this is not its only benefit. Titanium is as strong as steel, but almost half its weight. This translates into a ring that is super comfortable (the ideal choice for a groom who is not used to wearing rings) as well as super strong. While it can still  be scratched, it is a lot more scratch resistant than the softer metals, and can be re-polished without losing metal content or requiring plating like the softer metals can. The last important benefit is that titanium is hypo-allergenic. If you suffer from nickel allergies or dermatitis, this is the perfect metal choice for you. Our titanium rings will not tarnish or rust when exposed to the elements such as chlorine, detergents or salt water.test

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