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Great Men’s Rings Are Hard To Find

When we first entered the world of men’s rings over 10 years ago, traditional jewellers
didn’t have a great range of men’s dress or wedding rings. Over a decade later, and
very little has changed – which is why we don’t consider ourselves to be
a “traditional” jeweller.

Our range of rings is now quite large, but every design we produce has a unique purpose,
and is designed for a unique individual. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all”
philosophy of design. You need to take your job, your weekend activities
and your personality into account.



Our Obsession

We are totally obsessed with our range and why shouldn’t we be! We have put so much thought, discussion, and years into creating a range that is unique, wide-ranging and tailored to a man’s life! We have tested different formulas to find the perfect balance for our metals’ strengths and weaknesses. Yes, every metal has a weakness and this is just another reason why it is important to get your ring choice right.

Our secret formula + your life + our selection = your perfect ring



Our Team

Your ring has a chain of superheroes behind it! By the time you have purchased a ring from us you have encountered a line up of legends you may or may not have noticed. You may have talked to our customer support team or chatted to us on social media. Our shipping team would have inspected your ring 3 times (wearing white gloves no less) before sizing it and packing it. You may have also taken advantage of our sensational after care service from exchanges, to Fit for Life and lastly our Lifetime Warranty (which we hope you never need but hey, nice to know it’s available to you…..always!).



Thank You

Whether you choose to shop with us or not, thank you very much for visiting our store, and please remember that we are open to all feedback. If you have any questions about us or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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  • Plated Rings

    Many of our most popular designs use plating. Whether it’s to create a deep black, or using gold or rose gold, plating can take a well designed ring and take it to another level.

    Here at MRO we use an advanced form of plating called Ion Plating, that results in a harder wearing, longer lasting finish. In fact, while other jewellers may use a similar technology, we have a secret process that means our plating lasts even longer. We have gold plated rings from our very early days (over ten years ago) that still look fantastic.

    Having said that, all plating will eventually wear off. Whether it’s gold or another colour, time will eventually take its toll. There are also certain chemicals that can strip plating very quickly, so it is important to know what ring you will be most happy with.

    If you are looking to purchase a wedding ring, and you know that you will never take it off while going to the gym, at work, washing your hands (with detergents), or while doing household jobs, then perhaps a plated ring might not be for you. Having said that, if you are looking for a dress ring, or are happy to look after your wedding ring, then feel free to make a selection from our more unique plated designs.

    Finally, if you feel like you’re somewhere in between, look for a titanium or tungsten design that has its plating on the inner band, or in grooves on the outer band. This way, the exposed titanium or tungsten protects the plating during normal wear and tear.

    As always, we’re not here to sell you on any particular ring, but to help guide you to the ring you will like the look of, and that you will be satisfied with in the long term.

  • Afterpay is an independent company that allows you to order from us immediately, without having to pay straight away. Your order will still be shipped as if you had paid in full today, but your payment will be split over 4 easy payments. You can find out more information by clicking here.


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    60 Days To Exchange Or Return Your Ring

    It’s important to us that you get the right ring, in the right size, which is why we have our easy exchange and returns program. Having said that, we know life can get in the way sometimes, which can make it hard to get that original ring back to us right away. That’s why we give you a full 60 days to return or exchange your ring* should you need to.

    Free Gift Packaging

    How your ring is presented is really important to us, which is why we include a free ring box, as well as gift bag.

    Premium Gift Box Available

    If you want to get really fancy, we also have stunning wooden ring display boxes available in our ring box category (also available in the cart review page).

    Jeweller’s Association Of Australia Member (J.A.A.)

    Trust is hard to come by, which is why we are a member of the J.A.A. This is not an organisation just any jewellery can become a member of, which is why we are proud to be associated with them.

    *excluding custom rings, please see custom ring information page for more details.