Unique Polished Mens 7mm Ceramic Ring

Original price was: $69.00.Current price is: $41.40.


This black ceramic ring features a unique wave edge design, that is different from any other design we have. It’s virtually scratch-proof due to the zirconia ceramic it’s made of, and has a polished surface. When this design hit the drawing board, we realised that it wouldn’t be for everybody. We really wanted to do something with ceramic though that would be different from what you’d normally see with metal rings, and that’s what this ring is all about. This is someone who likes pushing boundaries, and likes being unique.

Buy This Ring If:

  • You like a design that is different
  • You like a polished finish
  • You want a ring that is super lightweight
  • You are allergic to metals
  • You wanted your ring to be black
  • You need a ring that is hypo-allergenic