Custom Gold or Platinum Men's Rings

You're not like the other guys...

You want something unique to you, that represents your unique style, and we are here to help bring that vision to life. In this guide we want to help show you what is possible, so that our stylist can bridge the gap between you and our jewellers.

The 3 Steps

Step 1.

Go through our designs in our gold rings category. While you might not find the exact design you are looking for, finding a design that most closely represents your vision makes a great starting point and helps accelerate the process.

Step 2. 

What do you like about the design? What do you wish to change? Do you want a hammered finish? Polished? Sandblasted? Do you want to add diamonds? What metal? For options, look below.



Step 3.

Contact us using the form below with a description of what you are looking for, and we can help guide you the rest of the way.