Choosing Titanium Mens Wedding Rings

Making the decision to propose marriage has many more complexities than merely getting on your knee and ‘popping the question’. There are various factors to consider should your partner say yes, and these must be thought about for at least some time before extending your hand. While the engagement ring has always been a focal point of a proposal, the wedding ring has become more important in recent years. When reviewing rings one has a great dilemma in choosing a particular type of ring – the mens wedding ring.

Several years ago this was not a problem as male wedding bands were available in only a few metals with plain designs. For those individuals who wanted a personal touch, there was a requirement for customisation. However, mens wedding rings have changed greatly in recent years to the extent of matching female rings in metals and precious stones. While this does open up a more diverse range, it also creates a greater difficulty as you now have to make a decision!

The Metal

The first factor to consider when purchasing a wedding ring is the type of metal. Females are generally less active than males, thus do not need to consider external impact on the ring. However, males are far more ‘handy’, facing occupations which may require building or repairing. I f this is the case it may be better to avoid soft gold or silver options as they will scuff easily. An individual who does not work in an office would be better off choosing a ring made of a more durable metal such as titanium or tungsten. Each of these is able to withstand bending, scratching and denting.

The Design

Contrary to popular belief, the type of metal is not the most important aspect of mens wedding rings. Yes, it is important to find a wedding ring that will not scuff or bend, but it is also imperative you find one that suits your personal style. One must determine what fashion tastes you have before purchasing the ring. If you prefer a more subdued item, then black titanium will be ideal. However, if you enjoy being the centre of attention, you may want to choose a titanium piece with an in-set precious stone. When looking at a wedding ring both style and strength of the metal must be examined closely to find the perfect item of jewellery.

The Cost of Mens Wedding Rings

Finally, you have to consider the price of the item. As beautiful as the ring may be, you must consider whether or not you can afford to purchase it. If you have the budget of George Clooney then the titanium mens wedding ring world is open to you, but this is not a reality to the majority of us. However, the introduction of online jewellery stores has made titanium wedding rings more affordable to the average male.

Nowadays many men are paying as much attention to their wedding rings as females. In order to find that fashionable item there are certain factors to consider including the style, the metal and of course, the cost.

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