Stunning Texture Grey Silicone Ring

Mr Arborist


Mr Arborist in grey, he is a marker of your highest aspirations, for the man who is as unyielding as a stone and as noble as the skies above.

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More Details About This Silicone Ring

Reflect the Mountains with Mr Arborist in stormy grey – a  guys silicone ring that mirrors the resilience of rocky peaks. Its tree bark embossed pattern, set in a sleek grey, speaks to the soul of the adventurer who finds solace and strength in the stoic beauty of the highlands.

Why Mr Arborist in Grey stands tall:

  • Forged from the finest high-grade silicone –Your ring is built to last, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and BPA-free, embodying the ruggedness of the peaks.
  • Stoic tree bark texture – for the man whose spirit is as vast and enduring as the mountains, the grey hue and embossed design of Mr Arborist symbolise a journey of ambition, reflection, and triumph.
  • Robust yet refined – tailored for the man who conquers life’s peaks and valleys with unwavering determination. Whether it’s braving the dark stormy grey elements, pushing physical limits, or seeking tranquility amidst chaos, Mr Arborist is your unspoken pledge to resilience.

Wearing Mr Arborist grey signifies a bond with the towering, timeless sentinels of nature. It’s designed for the man who sees life as a series of peaks to be conquered, valuing perseverance, majesty, and the serene beauty of the mountainous wild.

Pick Mr Arborist in Grey if:

  • The call of the mountains resonates with you, stirring a sense of adventure and introspection.
  • You lead a life that demands a ring as enduring and adaptable as you are.
  • You cherish a piece that reflects your bold journey, marrying functionality with a minimalist, powerful design.

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Why A Silicone Ring?

People often purchase silicone rings because of the price, but there are many reasons why silicone rings are a great choice beyond just their extreme value. Often known as a “backup” ring or a “gym” ring, silicone rings are a perfect companion to your wedding ring, or just as a colourful style accessory.

You don’t have to worry about scratching it, and even if you lose it, they are easy to replace due to their low cost. Our silicone rings are designed with breathability in mind too, as not all silicone rings are created equal. 

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