Tungsten rings are stunning, super hard, and virtually scratch-proof. Rivaling titanium as our most popular metal for mens wedding rings, these are designed to go the distance where softer metals will fail.

Our tungsten rings are high grade, and more scratch resistant than any other metal. If you order the wrong size – no problem, as you can send it back for a free exchange! Don’t like the style once you see it on your finger? Again, just send it back and we’ll swap it over free.

All of our tungsten rings also come with our lifetime structural warranty for peace of mind. Even if your finger changes size in years to come, you can use our Fit For Life policy to swap it over for a tungsten ring in your new size.

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Men’s Tungsten Rings
Throughout the years you have taught us one major thing, you all have a different style and we just happen to have a vast range of tungsten rings to accommodate this. On the flip, you all want amazing quality and great value for money. We at MRO have listened to every email and review and adjusted our brand, prices and policies to make sure we meet these requests. Highly dense, scratch proof and weighty, tungsten rings have become our best selling option for men. Despite being a super hard metal to work with, our jewellers and designers have pushed boundaries to create one of the best collections {we personally think} in the world that caters to both wedding rings and fashion rings for men of all tastes.

Buy Tungsten Rings Online
We proudly boast about our range of tungsten men's rings which offers you a flexible choice in sizing {from large sized men's rings} and widths {to slim designs for men} that are ready to go. While custom designs are great {and we do offer this service occasionally} we learnt that men need their ring quickly and we adapted to having an amazing collection ready to be expressed. In fact, check out our tungsten ring reviews and you will see that most customers receive their ring within 1-2 business days.

The Best Tungsten Rings
It is important however, to know that not all tungsten rings are made equal. Each jeweller will have their own formula for tungsten and we are no different. Our tungsten rings have evolved over ten years and we are so proud of our formula, the balance between scratch proof, weight and safety. Safety? Yes! Tungsten rings might be scratch proof but they are not shatter proof, in fact our formula is designed to shatter under impact to make sure that it can be removed in an emergency. Don't worry, we have a warranty on our rings to cover you for rings that are shattered in an emergency.