How To Take Off A Stuck Wedding Ring

How To Take Off A Stuck Wedding Ring

While the size of your wedding ring may not change, as the years progress, your body will change. Even throughout the year, as the weather changes, it’s quite normal for a ring that is very comfortable in winter, will become tight in summer.

This is because your finger swells in hotter and more humid weather. Here are a few tips to help you get that ring off if your finger has swelled:

1. Hold your hand vertically. This will lower the amount of blood running through your finger, and help reduce swelling;
2. Use oil or some other lubricant to help grease your finger;
3. Cool your finger down to reduce swelling by using an ice pack (or bag of peas!);
4. Do all of the above!

If doing this doesn’t work, and it is causing you significant discomfort or pain, it may be time to head to the local hospital. They have other methods and tools to help remove the ring before you face further problems.

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